Brave New World Character Analysis Essay

Hemholtz Watson - The only character who sympathizes with Bernard, Hemholtz possesses an above average intelligence and the desire for introspection and self-fulfillment, something he knows is impossible in civilization. Despite these yearnings for freedom, Hemholtz's conditioning causes him to laugh at

Romeo and Juliet and the concept of family and relationships. Hemholtz only finds meaning through writing, which he plans to do in exile.

Mustapha Mond - The World Controller of Western Europe keeps forbidden books in a safe in his office. He, like Hemholtz, once had a desire for literature, a desire he sacrificed in order to maintain social stability as world controller. He is similar to Beatty from Fahrenheit 451 and O'Brien in 1984, insomuch that they have access to illegal knowledge and use it to thwart those who wish to overturn the social order.

Linda - Accidentally left behind 20 years prior by the Director of Hatcheries and Social Conditioning, John's mother is unable to assimilate peaceably into savage society on account of her conditioning. Her inability to mend and her propensity to sleep with every man in the tribe makes her an object of scorn. Upon returning to civilization, she remains on a constant soma holiday, her appearance repulsive to all.

The Director - The director holds much power over Bernard and exiles him to Iceland. Because of his scandalous fathering of a child, who appears in time to save Bernard, the director is ruined and resigns in shame. The director shows the hypocrisy of World government bureaucrats.

Fanny Crowne - Lenina's roommate who encourages her to conform.

Lenina is a beautiful woman who meets the group of students while inoculating the infants against yellow fever. She dates Henry Foster in the beginning but agrees to go out with Bernard Marx to the Savage Reservations. After visiting the Reservations, Lenina becomes popular by her association with the Savage. She continually tries to sleep with the Savage but becomes frustrated by his unwillingness. After she strips in front of John, he tries to beat her. Lenina visits John at his lighthouse at the end of the novel, and he starts to whip her. It is unclear whether she dies or not.

The Director of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre, also called Tomakin, leads a group of students on a tour. He introduces them to the techniques of fertilization and segregation into classes. The arrival of Linda and John the Savage later humiliates him and causes him to resign in disgrace.

Foster is an expert on statistics within the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. He joins the student tour at the Director's behest and quotes facts about the processes of the hatchery. He is also in charge of maximizing the number of embryos each ovary can produce. Foster is one of Lenina's most frequent dates.

Bernard Marx loves Lenina Crowne, despite all of his social conditioning. He is short and physically inadequate for the status of Alpha-Plus, and therefore has an inferiority complex. Other characters believe that he may have accidentally received a dose of alcohol while in the fetal stages. He is more independent thinking because of feeling separate from society. Bernard Marx is close friends with Helmholtz Watson.

Mustapha Mond is the Resident Controller for Western Europe and one of the Ten World Controllers. He alone makes the rules for society and decides what works to publish. Mustapha has read Shakespeare and other forbidden books, making him one of the most independent thinkers within the society. He is the man who gives Bernard permission to bring the Savage and his mother back to London.

Hoover is a former lover of Lenina, who describes him as too hairy. He is stereotypical of the Alpha caste in obeying all the social norms and in quoting his hypnopaedic learning.

Watson is an Alpha-Plus with too much intelligence. He is friends with Bernard Marx because both he and Marx are outsiders within the society. Watson eventually writes a poem that gets him in trouble. He quickly falls in love with John's Shakespearean verses before leaving to live in the Falkland Islands.

The member of Bernard's Solidarity group with a distracting unified eyebrow.

Linda is the mother of the Savage and the woman whom the Director brought to the reservation. She is an alcoholic and rather obese. After her return to society, she consumes too much soma and dies soon thereafter.

Pope is Linda’s alcoholic lover and the man that John tries to kill after he discovers Pope sleeping with his mother one night.

The Savage, also known as John, is the son of the Director and Linda. He was born on the reservation in a city called Malpais. He grew up as a hybrid of the Indian and Utopian cultures, with a volume of Shakespeare as his guide to life. As a result, the Indians often excluded him from their rituals. He and his mother Linda accompany Bernard Marx back to London where he soon becomes a celebrity. John falls in love with Lenina and imagines his love for her as that of Romeo and Juliet. He soon has trouble conforming to the ideals of the Utopian world and strikes out in an effort to assert his individuality. John finally runs away from the society but cannot avoid a mob of sightseers. In the end, he commits suicide.

One of the older Indians, who teaches John to make clay pots.

Shaw is the doctor who looks after Linda and gives her soma so that she can be happy.


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