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Some Information about Santa Clara University

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Santa Clara University is a private institution that was founded in 1851. Located in Santa Clara, CA, Santa Clara has an undergraduate population of just over 5,400 students enrolled in its programs. Undergraduate students can study in the College of Arts and Sciences, Leavey School of Business, or the School of Engineering. The most popular majors are Business Management and Marketing, Social Sciences, and Engineering. Graduate programs include Leavey School of Business, School of Law and the Jesuit School of Theology. Around one third of Santa Clara University students study abroad during their time enrolled there, application essay writing service can really help you to sort out the problem in the right way.

Santa Clara University Essay Prompt Tips for Writing

An example of Santa Clara University essay prompts is shown here:

“Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn?”

Try these tips when you write a response to Santa Clara University essay prompts:

  • Don’t repeat information you’ve already provided. Consider the other information that you have supplied. Use your Santa Clara University application essay to provide new information rather than repeating what they already know.
  • Be yourself. Don’t try and represent yourself as something you’re not. The purpose of the essay is to find out about you. Tell what things are important to you
  • Be sure to make the focus of your essay about you. The application essay is for admissions to learn more about you. Don’t end up writing more about somebody else or something else than you do about yourself.
  • Show what you learned or gained from your experience. What did the experience mean do you and how have you grown and matured from it, our SoP for computer science MS specialists will help to express the point just well.
  • Revise and edit. The revision process is the key to a good an essay. First drafts always need to be revised. Review your essay and see if it addresses all the questions, clearly conveys the idea you want, and is a good read.

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Here is a example of a Santa Clara University essay tip:

“I used to rule the halls of Polk High School not too long ago. I had different priorities and goals than the ones I have today. I was always a gifted athlete. I played any sport and I was good. It was the only reason I went to school. Passing classes was important only so I could be eligible for football. Getting to party with my friends at my school was my priority. I was lazy when it came to doing work, and I wasn’t motivated by anything to do better. I played sports because I liked it and did what I wanted. My coaches made sure I had passing grades. Until Coach Kirkland. Two weeks before the biggest game of the year our head coach had to leave due to heal problems. Coach Kirkland was the replacement. Coaches always wanted me until him. I was good and even though I made no effort at school, I didn’t act up on the team. But when Coach Kirkland found out about my grades that was it. I was off the team. I wasn’t the hero anymore. I was the guy who let the team down.

I dropped out since I couldn’t play anymore. In my area that should have been the end of it. Twenty or thirty years in a low paying job and retire. But Coach Kirkland showed up at my door one day. We had a long talk. I went back to school. Not Polk because I didn’t know enough to be in high school. I read at about third grade level and was about the same in other subjects. I’m back in high school now. I’m not playing sports. I spend most of my time studying. My first time here I failed, and would have again if somebody hadn’t taken the time to straighten me out. I have more of a future now than I ever did.

After graduating high school, I will attend a four year university where I plan to major in engineering. I never realized I could learn as much as I have and I am eager for more. It seems strange, but failing back then was the best thing that could have happened to me.”

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